While there are many financing options for high volume real estate investors, signing up for a line of credit may provide the biggest benefits. Below are three key advantages of obtaining an investor line of credit, versus other means of financing.

Secured funding

Eliminate the “Can I fund this?” question. Because you are pre-approved, you’ll have capital waiting for you for any deal you want to pursue. Plus, you’ll have the ability to finance multiple deals at once, versus having to apply for a new loan each time.


Closing on a deal is significantly faster when you don’t have to waste time searching for funds and going through the underwriting process. You’ll have the upper hand when competing for deals since you can offer the seller a faster closing with your financing already lined up and ready to go. Waiting to be approved on loans delays your closings, and may allow other investors to steal your opportunities away from you.

More deals and higher profits

As an investor, your primary goal is generating profits from your investments. Time that is generally spent securing financing can now be focused on searching for more investment opportunities. 


Does a line of credit sound like it could be the right solution for your funding needs? If so, Direct Lending Partners is here to help. You can set up a time to discuss your individual needs and see if a line of credit is right for you. Simply complete this form to take the next step.