Bridge & Mezzanine Funding

Direct Lending Partner provides bridge & mezzanine funding to experienced real estate investors on a case-by-case basis. If you need the funds to bridge yourself to get a real estate project complete and/or refinanced with a permanent lender institution, or mezzanine funding to secure supplementary financing for development projects, give us a call.

Typically we are able to fund up to a maximum of 75% of the stabilized or after repair value of the property. Secondary collateral may be required as well.

Don Wenner, CEO, and the Lending Team of Direct Lending Partner have funded more than 800 residential renovations over the past 7 years and are experts in knowing how to make a rehab project successful.

Once Direct Lending Partner pre-approves you for rehab funding, you will no longer have to look anywhere else for your funding needs!

Loan Request Response Time 24 hours
Closing Time 5 days – 20 days
Loan Types 1st or 2nd position mortgage, deed of trust
Loan Amounts Up to $2,000,000
Loan to Value Up to 75% of after repair/improvement value
Credit Score Minimum NA
Minimum borrower investment for purchase 10%
Property Types Single Family Homes, 1-4 Family, Mixed Used, Commercial case by case
Rate 13-15.9%
Points 3-6 Points
Fees $895 Commitment. $300-$500 appraisal/broker-price opinion.
Document Prep $500-$1,000
Rehab Escrow Fee $300
Inspection $150 per inspection