Recently, DLP Direct Lending Partners attended the 2019 Single-Family Rental Summit at The Guest House at Graceland in Memphis, Tenn. The event took place March 11-13 and was hosted by The Five Star Institute. Discussion topics included how to build, grow, and manage a single-family real estate investing business. Industry experts and leading practitioners came together to discuss the hottest topics in the industry, and to offer solutions related to acquisition, property management, disposition, and financing.

A Brief Overview:

Nathan Trunfio, President of Lending with DLP Direct Lending Partners, was a panelist at one of the four funding sessions–Fix and Flip: Short-Term Lending for Long-Term Return. The purpose of this panel was to provide real estate investors with insight from a lender’s point of view.

Attendees learned about the best strategies for obtaining fix and flip financing, what to prepare for when applying with fix and flip lenders, as well as what borrowers should be searching for in the terms.

The panelists also discussed:

  • How to make sure your renovation and the scope of work/budget is accurate
  • The biggest mistakes borrowers make when flipping a home
  • Largest niches that lenders have in the marketplace
  • Trends in the industry and marketplace
  • Type of deals that investors are targeting now that inventory is tight
  • Managing your investment project
  • What to prepare before bringing a deal to a lender, and so much more.

Nathan also highlighted the values that we provide our clients with, like our fast approvals, common sense underwriting, and high leverage terms!

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