Joint Venture Funding

Rehab Funding

Do you have a great deal but need 100% of the capital to do the project? Have you had past issues that now make it close to impossible for you to get funding in your name? Tired of wholesaling deals and giving up almost all the profits? Direct Lending Partner’s Joint Venture program may be your solution! Here’s how it works:

  • Direct Lending Partner will fund 100% of the purchase price and renovation expenses
  • Direct Lending Partner will take possession of the property through one of our affiliate entities
  • Direct Lending Partner’s affiliated entity will provide you with a partnership agreement for the project
  • You will manage the renovation and sale of the property
  • Direct Lending Partner receives our normal rate and fees for funding the deal
  • You keep 90% of all profits and Direct Lending Partner keeps 10%

Don Wenner, CEO, and the Lending Team of Direct Lending Partner have funded more than 800 residential renovations over the past 7 years and are experts in knowing how to make a rehab project successful.

Once Direct Lending Partner pre-approves you for rehab funding, you will no longer have to look anywhere else for your funding needs!

Loan Request Response Time 24 hours
Closing Time 5 days – 20 days
Loan Types 1st position mortgage, deed of trust
Loan Amounts Up to $2,000,000
Loan to Value Up to 75% of appraised after repair value
Credit Score Minimum NA
Minimum borrower investment for purchase 6% of total deal cost
Property Types Single Family Homes, 1-4 Family, Mixed Use, Commercial case by case
Note Note: If JV Direct Lending Partner takes ownership of property and shares in profits with borrower via a Joint Venture agreement. Direct Lending Partner and affiliates fund up to 94% of all capital in the deal. Borrower is responsible for the points and the 2% JV Program fee paid at closing.
Rate 14.99%
Points 4-6 Points
Fees $895 Commitment; JV Program Fee: 2%
Document Prep $500
Rehab Escrow Fee $300
Inspection $150 per inspection / * Paid upon sale or refinance of property