When it comes to real estate investing, three key factors will determine your success – your ability to find deals, your ability to execute on those deals, and capital. However, finding capital to fund your deals can be difficult. In our webinar below, we cover how you can finally end the search of capital for all your deals.

Eliminating the Search Involves Raising Equity Through:

  • Pulling capital out of your real estate portfolio
  • Profits from your deals
  • Money from investors/partners

In our webinar, we will show you specifically how we’ve raised equity, and how we’ve set up our own funds. We will also guide you through the keys to success in opening and raising money into a fund, which includes:

  • Demonstrating to your investors that you have the ability to generate profits
  • Never losing your investors’ money
  • Having good deals
  • Strong accounting
  • Execution skills

Key Points from the Webinar:

2:08 – Good real estate investors can find deals, but the only thing that can hold them up is not having access to money.

3:33 – When you have more time to spend finding deals and have to spend less time searching for money, you’ll be able to find more deals.

4:15 – DLP Direct Lending Partners focuses on providing a professional line of credit (Pro Line of Credit), where we open up a facility for you to fund all of your deals.

7:39 – Three general ways to attain equity are 1) Pulling capital from your RE portfolio 2) Profits from your deals 3) Raising equity from investors/partners.

9:58 – You can find real estate partners who will give you 100% of the equity you need.

11:08 – One of the best ways you can raise equity is by setting up a fund.

12:11 – Setting up a fund typically costs anywhere from $40,000- $100,000. We provide this service to our partners for $25,000.

18:25 – Raising money when you open your fund can be extremely difficult, but we can make it easier for you.

21:25 – Investors don’t typically invest until they have a one-on-one meeting with you.  

21:35 – Every quarter, we bring in about 15-25 new investors.

22:26 – A key to raising equity is having a level of experience that will allow you to demonstrate your ability to profitably invest money.

23:58 – An important rule: You must always put your investors first.