Senior Preferred Multi-Family Equity

Direct Lending Partners is the easiest and most reliable source of rehab funding for all of your funding needs. We focus on providing our borrowers the capital they need to fund their investments, in addition to the support, experience, and knowledge to help make these renovation and new construction projects profitable.

Don Wenner, CEO, and the Lending Team of Direct Lending Partners have funded more than 800 residential renovations and 200 new construction homes over the past 7 years and are experts in knowing how to make a rehab or construction project successful.

Once Direct Lending Partners pre-approves you for your new funding, you will no longer have to look anywhere else for your funding needs!

Total Deal Size $5,000,000-$200,000,000
DLP Equity Investment Amount $1,000,000-$20,000,000
Minimum Number of Units 100
Types of Deals Acquisition of “value-add” B and C class multi-family assets in
secondary and tertiary market through the US
Priority Return on Cash Flow 8-10%
Preferred Return 12%-15%
Time to Close 20-30 days
Promote Sponsor receives a 10-20% promotion
Structure DLP provides 50%-80% of the required equity in “Co-GP”/LP structure in a
senior/referred position to the sponsor’s equity Fees DLP charges a 1% acquisition
fee on the purchase price.
DLP charges a 1% administrative and asset servicing fee on rent collected.
Control No charge
Debt 0-75%
DLP Equity 15-25%
Sponsor Equity 5-15%